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Prof. (Dr.) Indranil Manna - B.Tech Students
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Sl. No.Name of the StudentsTitleYearsRemarks
1. Indranil Manna, SumantaMandal Effect of Thermal Cycling on Maraging Steel 1983
2. Kunal Das Gupta Discontinuous Precipitation in Aluminium Zinc Alloys 1988
3. K. Srinivas Quasicrystals 1991
4. P. Gautam Reddy & Sunil Abraham Laser Assisted Surface Alloying-A Feasibility Study 1992
5. Nachiketa Mitra Statistical Design of Experiments for Developing Deep Drawing Texture in Low Carbon Steels 1992
6. Kaushik Ray Measurement of Grain Boundary Diffusion Through Discontinuous Precipitation in Pb-Sn Alloy 1992
7. P. Sundararajan Ion Implantation Annealing of Semiconductors 1993
8. Jayaraman Swaminathan Studies on Solid State Moving Boundary Phase Transformation 1993
9. RathindraNath Ghosh, Joyanta Kumar Dey, Anindya Chakrabarti Study of Interface Characteristics of Copper and Pb-Sn Solder Material 1994
10. Kunal Ghosh Development of a Better Material for Metallic Connectors in the Semiconductor Devices 1994
11. Vikas Sinha Laser Surface Alloying of Carbon in Plain Carbon Steel 1994
12. N. Amaresh Siva Effect of Uniaxial Tensile Stress on Discontinuous Precipitation 1994
13. Tanmay Kumar Mohapatra Computer Simulation of Mechanical Alloying and Nanostructure Formation in Some Cu-based Alloys 1995
14. Tushar Dave Surface Modifications of Some Commercial Metals by Conventional and Laser Assisted Surface Treatment 1995
15. Bharat J. Baranwal Laser Surface Engineering in Austempered Ductile Iron 1996
16. Sundeep Kapoor Laser Surface Engineering of Cast Iron 1997
17. Debdulal Roy Mathematical Modelling of Laser Surface Alloying of Titanium with Iridium 1997
18. C. Bhattacharya Some Studies Laser Hardening of a Low Alloyed Steel 1997
19. Ujjwal Kumar Roy Microstructural Evaluation in Laser Surface Engineering of Austempered Ductile Cast Iron 1998
20. Biswarup Chatterjee Some Studies on Development of Nano-Material Dispersed Surface and In-Situ Bulk Composites 1999
21. Abhishek Prakash Comparision of Surface Engineering by High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying Vis-a-vis Laser Surface Melting 2004
22. Srijit Mukherjee-01MT3007 Laser Processing of Materials (i) Hardening of Steel (ii) Joining of Dissimilar Metals 2004
23. Vivek Lath-00MT3004 Thermodynamic Modeling of Enthalpy and Gibbs Energy of Ternary Alloys and Pressure Composition Temperature Phase Equilibria for Hydrogen Storage Applications 2004
24. Nidhi Priya-01MT1015 Preparation of a Nanocrystalline Ni-W Film Through Pulsed Electrodeposition 2005
25. Gopal Chandra Jha RF-Magnetron Deposition of Nanocrystalline Thin Film of Ba0.8TiO3 (BST) and Structure-Property Relationship in Mn-Zn Feriites 2005
26. Manoj Kumar (01MT1018) Synthesis and Characterization of ZrO2 based Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2005
27. Ravi Shankar S (02MT1016) Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposites for Functional and Structural Applications 2006
28 Ajeet Kumar Jain (02MT1006) Laser Surface Alloying of Mild Steel for Wear Resistance Application 2006
29. Jayakanth R.-02MT3004 Development and Characterization of Polymer based nano-composites for packaging applications 2006
30. Rajesh Kumar Mesram Development of Wear-Resistant of Cu-Alloy with Nano-Ceramic Oxide Dispersion by Mechanical Alloying and Sintering for Electrical Contacts 2007
31. Nishant Kumar-03MT1008 Synthesis and Characterization of Bulk Nano-Structured Al7075 Alloy Using Compaction Sintering and Equal Channel Angular Pressing 2007
32. Soumyadipta Maiti-03MT-3004 Synthesis and Characterization of Materials for Zirconia Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 2007
33. Arijit Goutam Surface Treatment of Mg AM50 Alloy and Wear Resistant Applications 2008
34. Sudarshan Sheshadri 04MT 1012 Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Fluids 2008
35.SudhanshuShekhar Singh 04MT 1011 Synthesis and Characterization of Al-Based Amorphous/Nano Crystalline Materials by Mechanical Alloying 2008
36. Gyanendro Deo Tripathy 05MT1024 Tribological Behavior of Nano-Crystalline Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) with Multi Oxides Additives 2008
37. Soumi Ghosh 05MT3009 Study of Technical conductivity of Nano-Fluids 2009
38. Rohit Satpathy 05MT3001 Directed Energy Beam Assisted Processing of Engineering Materials 2009
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