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Prof. (Dr.) Indranil Manna - M.Tech Students
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Sl. No.Name of the StudentsTitleYearsRemarks
1. Indranil Manna Development of Cube Texture and RecrystallisationBehaviour Study in Cu Bearing Soft Magnetic Ni-Fe Alloys 1984
2. JyotsnaDuttaMajumdar Surface Treatments Of Metals A New Approach 1991
3. Abhijit Sinha A Study of the Age Hardening Behaviour of An Al-Mg-Si Alloy 1994
4. Pratip Narayan Raychaudhuri A Study on Synthesis of Al-Zn Alloy6s By Mechanical Alloying 1995
5. K. Kiran Kumar Studies on Alloying behaviour In Cu-Ni System by Mechanical Alloying 1996
6. V. Srinivasa Rao Development of Nanocrystalline Surface and Bulk Composites of Nb and Cu Aluminides 1998
7. K.R.V.S.A. Kondala Rao Laser Surface Engineering of 2.25Cr-1 Steel and Nimonic Alloy 1998
8. Debashis Roy Experimental Studies and Mathematical Modelling on Laser Surface Alloying of Ti with Si 1997
9. B.V.N. AhhokBabu – 2 Nos Mathematical Modelling of Laser Surface Alloying 1999
10. R.N.R. Gannabattula Development of Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Phase Alloys By Mecanical Alloying 2000
11. Kolluri Sreemannarayana Studies on Laser Surface Hardened and Melted Medium Carbon Steel 2000
12. Chikkala Eswara Naidu 02MT6004 Studies on Development and Thermo-Physical Property Characterization of Nanocrystalline Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage 2004
13. Manoj Kumar Chopkar Synthesis and Characterization of Nanofluid for Advance Heat Transfer Application 2004
14. Arijit Roy 03MT6026 Effect of Hydrogen on the FCGR behavior of copper strengthened HSLA Steels in 15.aqueous environment 2005
15. Subho Dasgupta Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystallineMn-Zn ferrite for low frequency power transformers 2005
16. Vivek Lath 00MT3004 Synthesis characterization and simulation of ZrO2-based solid oxide fuel cells 2005
17. Gopal Chandra Jha Development and characterization of ferroelectric semiconducting nanocrystalline films aimed at electro optic applications 2006
18. Ganesan S.M.04MT7002 Laser Assisted Febrication of AISI 3161 Stainless Steel and Co/Ti6Al4V for hip and femoral prosthesis 2006
19. Sankalp 04MT7004 2 Nos. Studies on Metastability in Aluminium Based Binary Immiscible Alloys Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying 2006
20. Srijit Mukherjee 01MT3007 Laser Processing of Materials 2006
21. Angad Kumar Churenra-04MT-6001 Studies on Laser Surface Melting and Nitriding of AlSl52100 2006
22. B. Sridhar Reddy Improvement of Softening Temperature of Imperial Smelting Furnace Grade Sinter by Optimization of Process Parameters 2007
23. UpamanyuBhattacharjee (05MT6026) Studies On Thermal Oxidation of Ti-6Al-4V- and Mg-Alloy (AZ91) for Improving Biocompatibility 2007
24. Jayakanth Ravichandran 02MT3004 Synthesis and Characterization of Tin Oxide Nanowires for Gas Sensing based Applications 2007
25. Anand Prasad (05MT6003) Synthesis and characterization of Zirconia based electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell 2007
26. B Shashank Dutt Effect of Treatment and Cryorolling on the Structure, Properties of Dual Phase Steels 2007
27. SoumyadiptaMaiti (03MT3004) Synthesis, Phase Transformation and Electrical Property of Zirconia Based Electrolyte For Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 2008
28. Anil Kumar Chikkam-06MT6002 Surface Engineering of Interstitial Free Steel and Low Alloy Steel 2008
29. Yogesh Vimarao Patil 06MT6041 Electron Beam Assisted Surface Engineering of low and zircaloy (ZrO2) 2008
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