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Prof. (Dr.) Indranil Manna - Doctoral Students
Doctoral Students Currently Working under Prof I Manna:
  1. Manoj Kumar Debnath: Surface engineering of interstitial free steel

  2. GururajTelsang: Laser surface cladding of tool steel

  3. Arijit Roy: Effect of environment on HSLA steel

  4. Sudip Kumar Sinha

Publication >> Students >> PhD Thesis Supervised , As on May 2013
Sl. No.Name of the StudentsTitle of the ThesisYears
1. Jib Nath Jha Studies on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Discontinuous Precipitation and Coarsening in a few Zn-Rich Binary Alloys 1996
2. Amitabha Das Studies on the Kinetics and Mechanism of Some Invariant reactions in Binary System 1997
3. Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar 9227460 Studies on Laser Surface Alloying of AISI 304 Stainless Steel with Molybdenum and Copper with Chromium 1999
4. Partha Pratim Chattopadhyay 9627704 Some Studies on the Mechanisms and Kinetics of Mechanical Alloying 1999
5. Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar Laser Surface Alloying of Titanium with Si, Al and Si+Al for Improved Oxidation Resistance 2000
6. Arijoy Roy 9427581 Some Aspects of Structure Property Correlation of Unalloyed Austempered Ductile Iron 2002
7. Prabir Nandi 0027402 Studies on Development of Al-based Amorphous Alloys or Nano-intermetallic Dispersed Amorphous Matrix Composite by Mechanical Alloying 2004
8. K. Ram Mohan Rao 9827701 Surface Modification of Metallic Materials by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation to Enhance Hardness and Resistance to Wear and Corrosion 2005
9. B. Ramesh Chandra 04MT9701 Studies on Laser Assisted Composite Surfacing of Commercial Metals and Alloys for Tribological Application 2006
10. Anindya Basu-2 nos 02MT3405 Surface Engineering of SAE 52100 Steel 2007
11. Debdas Roy 05MT9601 Nano-intermetallic/ceramic Dispersed Al-based Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Matrix Composites Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying 2008
12. Manoj Kumar Chopkar 04MT9403 Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling of Nanofluid for Advanced Heat Transfer Applications 2009
13. SupriyaBera 05MT9703 Development of Nano-ceramic Dispersed Metal Matrix Cu-Cr/Cu-Cr-Ag Composites for Electrical Contacts 2010
14. Jayanta Chakraborty Studies on Austempering of High Carbon Low Alloy Steel for Enhanced Strength and Toughness 2012
15. Swapan Kumar Karak Development of Nano-oxide Dispersed Ferritic Steel by Mechanical Alloying for Nuclear Application 2013
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